Space Simulation Games - How Do They Work?


3DAstronomer is revolutionary. It's the hi-tech, completely 3D, pioneer of space simulators and space simulation games that will alter the method we look at space. It's a program that allows us to explore practically any part of deep space in 3-D, best from our own computers. This amazing software achievement makes use of information collected by the European Space Agency and skillfully maps it in 3-D. The genuine images, telemetry and positional data of celestial items are precise and make this the ultimate in space simulation video games. Your trip might not be more real.



It is really much more than thinking of it as one of the space simulator video games. Because even though it is easy to use, it is a highly advanced piece of technology that professional and amateur astronomers like to use.


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And there is even more to check out with the big extra catalogue of 3D Astronomer add-ons. With the click of your mouse, this master of space simulation video games enables you to open up both the near and familiar space bodies and galaxies as well as the strange and far-off huge worlds seldom seen.




3DAstronomer differs from any of the other space simulation video game that to date, have actually been offered to space lovers. So exactly what makes it so distinctively various? 3D Astronomer can transfer everybody all over into space, and show its incredible features with terrific clarity. The visual beauty is all there supplied we can be guided on where to go and exactly what to do when they arrive.

The incorporated images and data included into 3DAstronomer are drawn from real-life satellite images. On your monitor are actual images from deep space. You have the ability to look at a whole planet, for instance, Venus, in three dimensions from numerous positions and ranges and angles, and understand you are getting the entire view




The satellite imagery integrated with 3DAstronomer is fairly low resolution, and closes in as you focus closer and closer to the planet surface areas. Those who want to get up close and personal can come across the surface areas of all the heavenly bodies with 3DAstronomer's add-on packages. These chart Google Earth-style images on to the planetary bodies in the program.


Your voyages into outer space are made total with additional functions. Download scripted explorations, broadened information, as well as consist of fictional l spacecraft to the base setup. 3DAstronomer's capabilities actually supply the space simulation games choice to find and discover space while motivating your own imagination making each and every space journey special.